How to apply

To apply, login to register your details and complete the online application. You are now able to upload supporting information directly to your application. Please note that uploaded documents do not need to be sent separately to the Local Authority to which you have applied.

Your housing application will be assessed by one of the following organisations:

Once your application has been processed you will receive:

  • Your registration date

  • Which lettings policy your application has been assessed against

  • The band that your application has been placed in

  • The date you were placed in the band


You will only be able to bid when all relevant documents have been submitted and you have received notification that your application has been processed.  


If you are not a tenant of one of the partner landlords you will also be required to supply references from your current or previous landlord.

If you have never held a tenancy the reference must be completed by a person who has known you for some time and can confirm your ability to hold a tenancy. This person cannot be a relative.

Documents to support your application (Documents must either be originals or certified copies and provided within 28 days of your application being submitted. )

Verification information maybe required to activate your housing application.

Please see attached for further information:   (Opens in a new window)

Supporting information

Depending on your circumstances, you may be asked to provide further documents.  (opens in new window)